The Dinner Party Theatre Review

We’ve all been to dinner parties. When we were kids, we got to watch the adults do the strangest things, then as grownups we got to do the strangest things ourselves. With the Expressions Dance Company’s production of The Dinner Party, we get to experience the party as both, voyeur and participant.

A single spotlight illuminates a party guest as he stands atop a table and attempts to control the festivities. Bowed instruments deliver a toe tapping groove as the party gets underway. The collision of intents from the guests mirror the now avantgarde sounds being produced just off stage. There are politics both sexual and personal at play here.



Dance as an artistic medium reminds us that there is both grace and turmoil that can be enacted purely by body movement. The Dinner Party’s maelstrom of sound and human motion illustrate the ever changing sense of group dynamics like no other.

Cast: Jake McLarnon, Lizzie Vilmanis, Bernhard Knauer, Jag Popham, Isabella Hood, Josephine Weise
Choreographer: Natalie Weir with the EDC Dancers
Costume Designer: Gail Sorronda
Musical Director: Tania Frazer
Lighting Designer: Ben Hughes
Rehearsal Director: Andrea Briody
Music: Southern Cross Soloists

The Dinner Party is playing at the Cremorne Theatre, QPAC, Brisbane from 10 – 18 May, 2019