X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review

There are some big changes afoot in the X-Men universe. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is an origin story but it also feels like the end of an important chapter. We lose an important character and see others go through some dramatic changes.

We also see Sophie Turner, she of Game Of Thrones fame, take on the role of Jean Grey who becomes Phoenix. We first meet Jean as a little girl who has no real clue about the extent of her mutant powers. When she discovers their true power, it leads to a traumatic and tragic event that becomes a life changing event.



The origin side of the story takes its time to develop but in the film’s last reel, the crazy ramps up to considerable heights. There is a battle between an alien life force and almost the entire roster of X-Men and it is spectacular. Each of the X-Men’s powers are tested to the fullest and often times they come up short.

The underlining theme of this film as with many others in the franchise is the importance of family and not necessarily the one you are born with. It’s a valid inclusion The film in parts is amazing to look at but feels more like a charter of a bigger storyline than a self standing movie. Time will tell where the X-Men franchise goes from here.

Rob Hudson