Violent Night Movie Review

There are some traditions that transcend certain holidays. Like eating too much barbecue on Australia Day, spending too much money on boxing day sales and watching too many saccharine films at Christmas time. Round our house, we offset that by delving deep into our stockpile of Anti-Christmas films.

Being that there is never too much of a bad thing to restore the balance, Violent Night blasts into this holiday season with a twisted take on old Saint-Nic. This Kris Kringle, played by Stranger Things’ David Harbour packs a punch courtesy of a Nord background and a big sledgehammer.



Centred around a rich family led by the caustic Gertrude Lightstone played by Beverly D’Angelo in uber bitch mode. This group is as dysfunctional as any in recent memory, so when evil-doers drop in to rob the place, you are conflicted as to who to cheer for. Into this mix drops the man in the red suit and all hell breaks loose.

For holiday revellers who are time constrained and have a penchant for Anti-Christmas films, Violent Night is the perfect movie. It’s a one-stop shop for many of your faves. Part Die Hard, part Home Alone and part Bad Santa. It’s a gloriously gruesome good time and should not be missed this holiday season or any other.
Rob Hudson