Ticket To Paradise Movie Review

If you are going to make a rom-com by the numbers, who better to slot in the leading roles than two charmers like George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Their appeal is pushed so far forward, that fans of the two are in for a real treat. For the rest, the film while holding no surprises has a professional standard that is extremely high.

The story is set in Bali and that beautiful land is utilised to the fullest. The scenery is stunning and the locals and their customs are absolutely endearing. Almost every frame could be blown up poster size and work in an upmarket travel agency. From sunrise to sunset, it’s all dazzling.



The story revolves around a dedicatedly divorced couple played by Clooney and Roberts. They race to the islands in hope of preventing the rushed marriage of their recent law school graduate daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) and a local lad Gede (Maxime Bouttier). If that sounds familiar, is not a stretch.

It would seem churlish to not give in to all the scenic beauty and on-screen star power and be won over, even if only a little bit. Ticket To Paradise does indeed appeal by film’s end. It makes it quite easy for one to banish their cynical side and just enjoy the holiday from reality.
Rob Hudson