The Report Movie Review

We live in exceedingly strange times. There was a time when governments put out a believable version of the truth and Hollywood product dealt with pure fantasy. Now movies and their version of world events feel more real that the fantasy peddled by many governments.

In The Report, we are informed about the horrific abuses of power that the CIA routinely engaged in with the treatment of its prisoners during their so called war on terrorism. The story is filtered through the actions of Daniel Jones (Adam Driver) who was appointed by Senator Dianne Feinstein (Annette Bening) to investigate and compile a report on these abuses.



After over five years of investigations, Jones’ report grew to over 6700 pages. It was highly critical of the CIA’s obfuscation of the truth in regards to torture and its effectiveness. With the transition of the presidency from Bush to Obama it was a story that could have been buried. Senator Feinstein made sure that it wasn’t.

It’s a gripping story that is told primarily by dialogue but jars the viewer by cutting to graphic scenes of torture that will have you questioning anyone’s ability to inflict such cruelty onto another human being. The horror stories from the evaporation of civil rights and the escalation of government aggression post 9-11 seem unending. Popular culture in both books and film now seem to be the tellers of more truth than our established institutions.
Rob Hudson

The Report is currently screening in limited sessions at Dendy cinemas – head to their website for more information about screenings and to book tickets online.