The Night Eats The World Movie Review

Sam (Anders Danielsen Lie) returns to the apartment where he used to live with Fanny (Sigrid Bouaziz) to retrieve his belongings after their breakup. Expecting a quiet exchange, he is surprised to find the apartment in full party mode. Fanny gives him the run around and he falls asleep in a quiet room while he is waiting. Upon awaking he finds the space torn apart, covered in blood and occupied by the undead.

There is something so universal about zombie movies, the first thing being the thoughts of what you would do if the dead actually came back alive. Almost everyone has seen so many zombie flicks by now that you would already know most of the beginner’s rules, you know, getting weapons, learning the art of the double tap and of course not killing Bill Murray. What does Sam do in this situation? What would anyone do?



Whether it was a budgetary necessity or a writer’s decision, Sam stays in the apartment and gathers food and weapons. He then methodically tries to find an exit while rummaging through all the apartments. The glimpses of other people’s lives helps him with the feelings of isolation. It is the banality of this existence that is convincing and becomes the real horror. In this way the film delivers its biggest jolts.

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Rob Hudson