Isle Of Dogs Movie Review

Yum, salty and crunchy, Isle Of Dogs is my new favourite movie. Wes Anderson has the ability to create worlds so rich in colour, scope and imagination, it’s simply awe inspiring. His way of including sharp social commentary in works of pure entertainment sets him apart.

Returning to the stop-motion animation technique he used so successfully in The Fantastic Mr. Fox had not limited him in any way. In fact just the opposite has taken place as this film is his most imaginative work yet.



It’s also so lovely to look at. The beauty is everywhere, the sets are amazing, the storyline is rich and the characters that make up the cast ring emotionally true. Wes even manages a completely satisfying ending, never that easy with a film of this type.

Setting a relevant story, with nods to events of concern throughout the world in land of animated dogs with more humanity than almost any politician was a master stroke. The life’s lessons go down easy amid an experience with a generosity of whim and an abundance of relevance.

Rob Hudson