The Neighbourhood Theatre Review

Embracing a rainbow of multicultural identities and discarding the tyranny of xenophobia, The Neighbourhood shines a light on the horrific and hopeful. Told through the life experiences of seven individuals, their stories are both richly unique and unfortunately all too common.

Different avenues to the same hopeful destination. Those paths are lined with obstacles of omission and the hurdles of acceptance. Sometimes it’s just an uncaring aside that cuts the deepest. Embracing a world view outside the easily known is often a step too far. Rattle the cage of easy avoidance.

Each remembrance carries the weight of deeply felt emotion, sometimes through appalling apathy, sometimes amid armed conflagration or even the deep desire for anonymity. After giving our hearts and minds a thorough blast of life force, it ends with well wishes for serenity and composure through the simple joys available in this land we all call home.



The Neighbourhood currently playing at La Boite, Brisbane until the 29 February 2020 – head to thier website for more information and tickets
Rob Hudson

Amer Thabet, Naavi Karan, Matt Hsu, Aurora Liddle-Christie, Anisa Nandaula, Cieavash Arean, Nima Doostkhah

Co-creator: Todd MacDonald
Co-creator: Aleea Monsour
Co-creator: Ari Palani
Assistant Creative: Ngoc Phan
Set & Costume Designer: Adam Gardnir
Lighting Designer: Ben Hughes
Sound Designer & Composer: Brady Watkins
Stage Manager: Pip Loth
Assistant Stage Manager: Jaime Ng