The Leisure Seeker Movie Review

This examination of the power of love takes the audience through a journey that is not always easy. It is filled with incredible sadness but also leaves one with a life reaffirming belief that love is more powerful than almost any other human emotion


Losing a loved one is impossibly hard to fathom but losing a loved one a little bit at a time is insidiously difficult. John Spencer (Donald Sutherland) is in the later stages of dementia and goes on one last road trip with his loving wife Ella (Helen Mirren). Her strength of character and love of John is palpable but she also has medical issues.



The film uses humour to help viewers from being overwhelmed with the sadness of it’s inevitable conclusion. Their’s was a life full of love, family and accomplishment. Not loud overstated events but the believable down to earth everyday successes that fuel a happy life.

Cinema is a powerful medium when its story is this well told by actors who’s experience and ability is second to none. It speaks well of this virtue that a story this sad can leave you so full of hope for the future with your loved ones.

Rob Hudson