The Girl On The Train Movie Review

How effected are you in the enjoyment of a film by the words and actions of others? During a recent screening of The Girl On The Train, this was put to the test. My partner and I thought the film was entertaining and featured some very good acting performances. It was a good but not great film that was a little bit by the numbers. On our way out of the cinema though, the comments overheard from the invited guests, were so negative, it was a bit overwhelming. A different view from theirs was not wanted nor accepted.

Every film viewing session, while being a great collective experience should be assessed without the bias of others. We’ve all had to endure watching films when those around us are so obviously not enjoying themselves. It enacts a real negative vibe and is as rude as those that chomp and plastic wrap rustle their way through the entire film.

Assessing The Girl On The Train as its own entity is also a bit difficult with so much press comparing it to Gone Girl. This sets up the audience to expect the big twist and this film doesn’t really deliver those kinds of surprises. The good and the bad characters are a little too obvious and the only real shading is provided by the actor’s chops (with unfortunately little help from the script).

Sorry about that, rant now over. With a film like this, it is best to go see it for yourself, get lost in that dark room with everyone else, try to enjoy yourself and then make up your own mind afterwards.

Rob Hudson