The Front Runner Movie Review

Seen in the light of how tolerant the American public is now with their current commander in chief’s almost complete lack of morality, the events that led to the downfall of Gary Hart’s run for president seem tame in comparison. It was a different time in the late eighties and in some ways a better time.

Whether interest in the accountability of public figures was an illusion or a reality then, it seemed to be something that mattered. It might have just been the burgeoning interest in the salacious details of the famous, but one can hope it was something more.



The film’s evenhanded look even includes some consideration for the victims of the affair, the wife and the lady in question. It also shows Hart’s narcissistic stance and lack of caring for either. He had an opportunity to be a better man and instead chose a politician’s way out.

The film perhaps spends too much time on the political process and less time defining Hart’s character but Hugh Jackman is utterly convincing as the hard man. Any political tale told now just highlights the flaws in the current system.

Rob Hudson