The Angry Birds Movie 2 – Movie Review

Even witnessing the irreverent approach of the first Angry Birds movie will ill prepare you for the gloriously unhinged experience of the sequel. It helps if you throw away all the accepted instructions about follow up films and let your writer’s minds go completely bonkers.

It starts somewhat conventionally and the first reel takes its time filling you in on the details. From that point on however, it’s an all out effort to zig when you think it will zag. Anarchy is a word that comes to mind. There is even a scene that feels like it could have easily come from the mind of Quentin Tarantino.


At times it tends to be overly cute and the vibrant colours rival that of a lolly shop but then more often than not if turns convention on its head and becomes surreal to the extreme. Parents taking the young ones out for a day at the cinema might have some explaining to do after this one.

In an effort to ramp things up, the film’s creators have come up with something unique, a sequel chock full of unexpected surprises and pleasant extremes. There was no resting on past laurels and painting within the lines this time. If this makes good bank, can’t wait to see AB 3.

Rob Hudson