Stuber Movie Review

Looks like there is life left in the Buddy Cop film after all. Stuber doesn’t try to be something it is not but succeeds quite well at being what it is. It provides a rousing good time with lots of laughs and the ability for you to forget your troubles for the entirety of its economical 93 minute running time.

Stuber is Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) a mild mannered chap who drives an Uber as a second job. His OCD world is turned upside down when he has to drive Vic (Dave Bautista). Vic is an alpha male cop still ruing the loss of a partner and obsessing over finding their murderer.



Stu as the fish out of water plays a great straight man to Vic’s over the top cop tendencies and most of the humour comes out of their developing relationship. There is very little story to get in the way of the fun and that’s fine when the percentage of gags that work is so high.

The movie is quite adept at producing the kind of easy escape that only the cinema can provide. Sitting in the dark with fellow film goers and laughing uproariously while munching on empty calories and just enjoying yourself. Add Stuber to the short list of guaranteed good time films.

Rob Hudson