Red Sparrow Movie Review

Who says ‘They don’t make them like that anymore?’ Red Sparrow is a classic spy yarn that challenges the audience as much as the actors on screen. There are rich rewards for both.

Jennifer Lawrence delivers her bravest performance yet and adds another outstanding job to her ever expanding resume of excellence. As an actor, she endures almost as much pain and shows as much commitment as her character does on screen.



The film slowly builds and builds, so viewers looking for that quick visceral thrill might have to look elsewhere but for those that revel in playing arm chair detective themselves, will find much to love as the clues unfold. When the final reveal comes it makes you reassess all that has come before.

Red Sparrow harkens back to a time when you could challenge an audience’s intelligence and detective skills before attention spans recessed and action became the dominant form for spy movies. All this psychological action and not a martini, shaken or stirred in sight.

Rob Hudson