Peter Rabbit 2 Movie Review

Accomplishing quite a lot in its 93 minute running time, Peter Rabbit 2 succeeds in keeping the young ones content and happy while injecting just enough adult humour to make it enjoyable for the parents as well. It’s not always easy to get that mix right. The lolly-coated message sits well with some almost naughty hijinks. Ones that don’t draw uncomfortable questions from the kids afterward.

The humans from part one of the saga, Bea (Rose Byrne) and Thomas (Domhnall Gleeson) are now married and living an idyllic life on the farm with their furry friends. Bea has continued with her creation of books based around Peter Rabbit and his friends and goes to the big city with her animal family in tow to meet up with a publisher. Once there Peter (James Corden) feels misunderstood and ventures out on his own.



He soon falls in with a bad crowd and gets roped into a heist at a Framer’s Market. He involves the rest of the animals from the farm and they stage quite the caper. It is an elaborately staged plan and plays out like a heist film where you root for the bad (good) guys. Things soon go astray and Peter is left with a life lesson and has to work at restoring his family.

Although at times the films veers into somewhat corny circumstances, it does so with such a pure heart, it is easy to forgive. The children’s laughter in the room also makes you realise you need to keep your mind in a childlike mode. The animation is quite seamless and this also helps to sell the story. See it with the little ones you love and they will love it too.

Rob Hudson