Once Upon A Deadpool Movie Review

For those looking for a complete breakdown of what Once Upon A Deadpool is exactly, you will have to look elsewhere because discovering what it is, is half the fun. It’s also a studio experiment that we will touch upon later.

The broad strokes detail is it’s a reimagined version of Deadpool 2 that carries a lower film classification. The hope is this will open the film up to overseas markets that don’t allow the screening of R rated films. It should also open up the movie to a younger audience.

The film includes new scenes and a new cast member already know to followers of social media. The most fun in viewing the work is seeing what cuts were made, what language was changed and how they reduced the visual carnage. It’s also really interesting to see how much subversive content is still included.



Mr. Pool himself, Ryan Reynolds also used this chance to make the studio donate $1 dollar per ticket to the Fuck Cancer Charity, temporarily renamed the Fudge Cancer Charity. The new scenes are very funny and the truncated version of the original film still holds up even with the cuts. The film will be shown in cinemas on a very limited run.

Rob Hudson