McKellen: Playing the Part Movie Review

Simply stated, Ian McKellen is one of the finest classical actors in the world but there is a man behind the stage and on-screen personal that is as interesting as his work. This documentary provides insight into that fact.

Told mostly in taped interviews with the man himself, his early years are illustrated by humble beginnings and then finding his true calling at quite a young age. He is reserved in delivery but there is often a twinkle in the eye that denotes a sense of pride and stature.



He also goes into some detail about his work in helping to overturn unfair laws in England in regards to the age of consent between gay couples. He was fearless in a time before enlightenment. He underplays both his bravery and the negativity that he had to endure by going public in a time of silence.

For fans of his work in film, there are also some very funny moments shared during the making of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and some insight in the making of Gods And Monsters and Richard III. This doco is both informing and entertaining.

Rob Hudson