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Tolkien Movie Review

His childhood was one filled with tragedy as his father died when he was three years old and his mother when he was twelve. He was however a keen student with a penchant for languages that was enlivened by a vivid imagination. Without a family name and financial backing, his education was much more difficult for the hyper intelligent student.   //   The film studies the class system of the times as well as the impact that the church had on the young orphan’s life. It ...

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This takes him into the outbreak of World War I, which threatens to tear the "fellowship" apart. All of these experiences would inspire Tolkien to write his famous Middle-Earth novels.   //   Tolkien is in Australian cinemas June 13. www.facebook.com/foxmoviesaus

McKellen: Playing the Part Movie Review

Told mostly in taped interviews with the man himself, his early years are illustrated by humble beginnings and then finding his true calling at quite a young age. He is reserved in delivery but there is often a twinkle in the eye that denotes a sense of pride and stature.   //   He also goes into some detail about his work in helping to overturn unfair laws in England in regards to the age of consent between gay couples. He was fearless in a time before enlightenment. He ...