Marbin – Last Chapter Of Dreaming Album Review

After almost 55 minutes of glorious weirdness, one has to come to the conclusion that Marbin are really on to something, no make that really on something! This is music as a sensory overload intoxicant. 

From the spaghetti western feel of Breaking The Cycle to the cinematic shuffle of On The Square or even the daytime television cheese of Café de Nuit these crazy cats know how to conjure up a vivid experience. 

With impeccable influences and moments like the eighties era King Crimson riff that opens the track Inner Monologue or the Dixie Dregs hoe-down meets Zappa wah-wah of Redline these Chicagonians also demonstrates a tip of the director’s hat to some of the forbearers to all this fun. 

To just say they are great players is an undersell, it’s their sense of scope and humour that really sets them apart. Inebriated with a sense of musical adventure, Marbin want us to join their trip. Count me in.

Rob Hudson