Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review

In contrast to the many attempts at contemporising what has come before, Mad Max: Fury Road reboots the franchise in a most satisfying way. It is both spectacular and engaging. The car carnage as always takes precedent over an involved storyline but there are just enough tweaks to the new screenplay to keep viewers on their toes.

The set designs are awe inspiring and play as much of a character in the proceedings as top billed stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. The vehicles on display are also amazing and this side of the film has been ramped up to the point of disbelief. Car heads are in for a very good time. There are also a few surprises with casting that give you a chance to see known stars outside their comfort zone.

Themes of a post-apocalyptic wasteland are revisited but with enough of a twist to keep fans of parts one, two and three as well as the newbie satisfied. The inclusion of some new and interesting characters also adds interest. Hardy is well cast as the man of few words and Charlize continues to play down the glamour with gratifying results.

Director George Miller has learned a lot since those early days and it shows. He’s use of bold strokes with character development has been buttressed with a level of nuance vacant in the first three goes. See it for the over the top action but also enjoy it for the illumination of the human struggle and their ultimate accomplishment.

Rob Hudson