Ideal Home Movie Review

Family dramas do get much more accessible than Ideal Home. It matters less that the family in question is made up of two men and a young lad and more that their lives become enriched with the addition of the new family member.

Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd are the men in question and it’s to the film’s credit that they stay true to their charters and don’t become homogenised examples of a family couple. They are funny, profane and full of life and remain that way even when the young Bill (Jack Gore) enters into their lives.



Bill is the offspring of a son Erasmus (Coogan) had during an experimental stage in his life, that through circumstance has come to live with he and his partner Paul (Rudd). The transition from being completely self-involved to loving parents is tastefully handled.

Ideal Home is filled with humour and heart and it’s great to see a same sex couple stay true to themselves and their sense of the absurd. This all takes place while they expand their existence to include looking after and loving their young ward. They make parenting look fun and take you along for the ride.

Rob Hudson