Go! Movie Review

There is something reassuring about the time warp that is Go! It’s set in the now but feels straight out of the seventies. With its relaxed and unchallenging demeanour, it reminds one of a simpler time when uncomplicated entertainment was the norm.

This retelling of the Karate Kid storyline with its mentor/student dynamic is set in the world of go cart racing and delivers it message in a very angst free way. There are no surprises in store and that makes for a nostalgic experience.



Jack Hooper (William Lodder) is a young man who is morning the loss of his father and dealing with the move to a new town. His mother Christine (Frances O’Connor) is trying her best to help with the transition more as a friend than a dominant parent and Richard Roxburgh is cast as the mentor Patrick.

The acting is inconsistent amongst the youth but the adult cast members carry the day. The go cart racing scenes are well choreographed and this helps as the nomenclature of the cart racing is very inaccurate. Racing only provides the backdrop for this coming of age tale. Go! is a straightforward film that is easy to like.

Rob Hudson