Game Night Movie Review

With more twists than a mountain road and an ever evolving sense of purpose, Game Night is playful and funny with an underlining nod to the value of true friendship. It’s takes a view of suburban life turned up to ten and makes one wonder what really happens behind the closed doors of those McMansions in upmarket neighbourhoods.

It throws so many jokes your way, that even when some fall a bit flat, you know more successful ones are just around the corner. The cast is well chosen and the fresh faced Rachel McAdams and the ever sardonic Jason Bateman have good chemistry together and the always weird and wonderful Jesse Plemons plays the creepy cop next door neighbour perfectly.



You can’t tell too much of the story without giving away some of the delicious surprises in store, so the best one can do is just describe it as a game night gone mad. Just know that isn’t your typical game of Scrabble or Monopoly.

It will more than keep you entertained during its 100 minute running time but probably not linger much after that. And in the gift that keeps giving department, make sure to stay until the very end of the insightful credits for an extra laugh.

Rob Hudson