Disobedience Movie Review

If love conquers all, then it’s got its work cut out for it in Disobedience. Distance, social acceptance and religious dogma are just three of the hurdles that must be overcome for the two main players to succeed in finding love together.

Ronit Krushka (Rachel Weisz) is a New York based photographer whose father’s untimely death draws her back home to England and the Hasidic community that she grew up in. She had become an outcast from behaviour that was unacceptable in the tightly controlled world of the faith and her homecoming is not a welcome one.



Upon arriving home, she stays with childhood friends Dovid Kuperman (Alessandro Nivola) and his wife Esti (Rachel McAdams). Her return is an uncomfortable one and it’s mostly left to the viewer to figure out why. When the father’s will is read and Ronit is not even mentioned, it rips open old wounds.

Religion is shown as the controlling entity that it can be and when David is challenged by Esti to believe in her happiness more that the religious hard line, there is a surprise waiting for the viewer. This is a slow paced film with a message that is told with subtle strokes of the brush.

Rob Hudson