Dewa Budjana – Dawai In Paradise Album Review

As the guitarist in one of Indonesia’s biggest rock acts, Gigi, Dewa Budiana has to stay in touch with his commercial side, on this solo album, Dawai In Paradise no such limitation applies.

This collection of songs (the first release of an upcoming trilogy) sees Dewa indulge in his most esoteric nature and the end result makes one happy, very happy.

His phrasing is sublime and the variety of tones he unleashes from a wide selection of guitars is remarkable but what most impresses is how uplifting this music actual is. Utilizing a wide range of guest artists and their unique instruments (to most western ears) also gives the work a travel log vibe filled with the treasure of discovery.

This international mix isn’t all foreign to Western ears though and there are some very cool moments when say on a track like Rerad Rerod an earthy harmonica (by Howard Levy) drops in makes its point and then drops back out or other times when the solos are almost blues based. These moments firmly root the music in terra firma.

Add this work to your collection and the next time that you find yourself in one of those moments of musical indecision, you will have the perfect antidote to play. One that will make your emotions soar right along with the music.

Rob Hudson