Charlie’s Angels Movie Review

There is a fine art to turning a bad television show into an entertaining movie. McG did it back in 2000 and now Elizabeth Banks puts her stamp on the latest edition. As screenplay writer and director, Banks brings the franchise fully up to date. With current music, fashion trends and three fresh faces, it’s all very much on trend.

The film works hard at establishing Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska as the new angels and their varied ethnic backgrounds make for a refreshing change. The three start as somewhat strangers and time is taken to build their friendship through a plethora of unbelievable scenarios. They get beat up, shot at, blow up, drugged and still have perfect hair.



Recreating predictable harm in various exotic locations from around the globe helps to keep the script alive as its storytelling elements are quite minor. But then it’s not really that kind of movie. Its energy and entertainment value lie in its flashy presentation and absolute modernity.

Charlie’s Angels is a none too serious blast of lady-centric exuberance and seen for what it is, provides 118 minutes of pure escapism. With so many films being made just for the dudes, it’s commendable to have a work like this to help balance things out a bit.

Rob Hudson