Briefs Close Encounters Theatre Review

Briefs have come to town with a simple brief, to confront and to entertain. With a malestorm of energy and daring, they collectively redefine what it means to be a lad with dreams.

Dreams of acceptance on their own terms with a blasting away of the traditional sense. The sense of burlesque being just for girls or the circus with all its tricks being defined by just one thing.



Their mix of physical endeavour, both high risk and high entertainment was driven by high volume sounds that were perfect to help get your grind on. The show was light on commentary but the few words were chosen well and were both funny and forceful.

If you can’t win people over with reason, then blast them into submission with unique skill sets, full g-strings and just the right amount of attitude. Briefs is currently playing at The Brisbane Powerhouse as part of MELT 2018: Festival of Queer Arts and Culture.

Briefs Close Encounters is playing Wednesday 23 May – Saturday 02 June 2018 at the Powerhouse Theatre, Brisbane.

Rob Hudson