All The Devil’s Men DVD Review

Welcome to a world of good bad guys and bad good guys. A world where the son of Mel Gibson (that would be Milo- presumably named after that yummy chocolate drink) gets the chance to flex his muscles and save the day and maybe even the world in the process.

All The Devil’s Men involves globe trotting mercenaries and more than its fair share of clandestine meetings and bullet ridden shoot outs. An adventure filled with double and triple crosses, all done to make the planet safe from those pesky stray nuclear warheads.



This script adds danger on top of danger until you get to the point on not really knowing what the hell is going on. That does little to detract from the gun totting, cliche spitting, macho action either. It’s all mindless fun cranked up to eleven with an ending that will not keep you up at night worrying about mushroom clouds.

All the Devil’s Men is out now on DVD and digital

Rob Hudson