2019 Volvo Scandinavian Film Festival – One Last Deal Movie Review

Olavi (Heikki Nousiainen) is an art dealer in the twilight years of his life. He has led a somewhat selfish life and is estranged from his only daughter and grandson. When he is tasked with looking after his grandson Otto (Amos Brotherus) after he runs into trouble, things change for both.

Otto, at first drives him to distraction but when Olavi finds a buried treasure of a painting, the two bond over the detective work needed to find the establishment of the painting. The auction house is unaware of the painting’s true value and Olavi scapes the money together to buy it.

One Last Deal investigates the dynamics between an absent father and his only daughter. It doesn’t demonise the father but more presents the things that could have enriched his life had they been present. The bonding experience shared with Otto is presented with a minimum of overstatement and feels very believable.



Once again the absence of overly sentimental language and the lack of sensational behaviour brings the benefits of presenting a totally believable scenario. It is a touching take on a modern family and presents the idea that it is never too late to repair damage.
Rob Hudson

One Last Deal screenings in Brisbane:
Friday 26, July 1:30 PM
Tuesday 30, July 1:30 PM
Wednesday 31, July 6:20 PM
Sunday 4, August 3:40 PM

Saturday 27, July 6:30 PM
Saturday 3, August 1:45 PM

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