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With unease just under the surface and enemies all around, Margrete will have to face one of her toughest challenges. A task that will redefine her sense of self and show her ultimate strength and love for her country. A strength that comes at ...
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Natalya Hughes's The Interior Exhibition

Interested in the role of women and their historical absence from positions of power, the part-professional part-domestic setting conjured by The Interior plays with gendered power dynamics between public and private space. The couches that dot the gallery take their lush contours from the shapes of the female body, and their detailed upholstery sees motifs of eyes, rats, and snakes from Freud’s patient case studies ripple over the space ...
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March 2, 2022

Girl and Guitar is coming to the Brisbane Powerhouse!

Each of these artists will take their turn paying homage to the female guitarists and vocalists who’ve blazed the trail and inspired new generations of artists. It is an all too rare thing to see a girl and guitar taking centre stage but when she does, you’re going to listen.   //   Joined onstage by a full band, expect stories, signature songs and righteous riffs from the likes of Joan Jett, Melissa Etheridge, Courtney Love, Tracey Chapman, Buffy Saint Marie, PJ Harvey and more. Put your fist in the air and ...

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