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He sets about to make some hardscrabble profits from selling weed, one spliff at a time. In his travels, he comes across the fresh-faced young thing Strawberry (Suzanna Son) working behind the counter of a doughnut shop. He proceeds to seduce ...
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Branch Out 2021 is coming to the Brisbane Powerhouse

Presented by Brisbane Powerhouse and The Quench Collective, Branch Out 2021 is a unique showcase of creative minds crafting their take on the festive spirit.   //   Located on the Powerhouse Plaza, this public exhibition will feature 15 installations which embodies the festive season in the form of a physical object which can be viewed by passersby, families and design fans alike. Branch Out 2021 will feature install...
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January 10, 2022

Robert Forster – Life Begins Again

Dubbed “the truest and strangest poet of his generation”, Forster is a statesman of Australian indie music. Seven solo records and co-founder of one of Australia’s most prolific bands in the 1980s (The Go-Betweens), he returns to the streets of his town for one night only.   //   “I’m ready to leave home. To re-engage with what I enjoy doing most. It will be the beginning of 2022, and I have just two shows booked for the year. Thankfully, one of them is in Brisbane. Life begins again.” Reacquaint yourself ...

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