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Mark Wahlberg plays Stuart Long, a lad who grew up in Montana and endured more than his fair share of tragedy. He lost his younger brother Stephen at age four to meningococcus and then developed inclusion body myositis, a muscle disorder similar ...
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Fine Lines exhibition at QAG!

Emerging more than two millennia ago in Han dynasty China the delicate technique known as gongbi (meticulous brush) was prized for its technical precision. Its influence flowed across central Asia to Persia, and India where the technique was used to document historical events and to illustrate legendary and poetic tales.   //   This rich cultural inheritance, spanning the breadth of the Asian landmass continues to provide ...
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February 15, 2022

HTRK are coming to Brisbane!

Formed in 2003, HTRK have blazed a sprawling musical trail, collaborating with the late Roland S. Howard, artists Gian Manik, David Ferrando Giraut and Laure Prouvost, scoring films, headlining sold-out international tours and releasing a string of critically acclaimed records, including Psychic 9–5 Club (2014), named among the best albums of the last decade.   //   Their fourth album, the richly melancholic Venus in Leo (2019) was released to more plaudits, with Pitchfork hailing the band’s sound as “sensual and ...

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