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Scott and writer David Scarpa have chosen to focus more on the relationship between Napoleon (Joaquin Phoenix) and his wife Josephine (Vanessa Kirby). Theirs was a dysfunctional union not helped in the least by the temper of the times and ...
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Melbourne Winter Masterpieces 2024 - Pharaoh Exhibition

The exhibition comprises seven thematic sections that explore the pharaoh’s roles and duties, including as the high priest officiating in temples, the head of the country’s administration, the leader of the army and the head of the royal family. The pharaohs were responsible for protecting Egypt against its enemies and ensuring universal order; they ruled the Two Lands – Upper and Lower Egypt – from the 1st Dynasty (c. 3000 BCE) ...
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October 20, 2023

Kate Ceberano - My Life is a Symphony - Coming to Brisbane for one show only this December!

Singer, songwriter, performer, artist, and legend of Australian music, Kate Ceberano has enjoyed one of the most enduring and inspirational careers in Australian music. My Life Is A Symphony is an album and tour that brings Kate Ceberano back to her essence as a musical force and an electrifying live performer. From rousing anthems such as Brave to soulful ballads like I Don’t know How to Love Him, audiences will witness the voice of a generation amid the grandeur of a symphony orchestra as Kate traverses her breathtaking array of ...

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