Under My Eye, the new circus work from Bianca Mackail is coming to the Brisbane Powerhouse

She’s standing in front of you, female, caucasian, middle class, fit, appealing, performer, of Scottish and Dutch blood, single mother raised, opinionated, aerialist, acrobat, waitress, seamstress, funny, aloof, observant, wannabe carpenter, vintage rummaging, music loving, whip cracking, whiskey drinking, sauerkraut making, kelpie wrangling, hot headed hula hooping smart arse! Your minds have already made up a story about her and she knows it.

She could stay confined in her visceral minefield of contradictions, deliberations and judgments, but she allows the box to crack open and exposes the honest shit storm of her ramblings and the joy and passion of her beautifully distorted chaos.



A fiercely vulnerable and extreme physical adventure into the unrelenting chitchat of the mind. Always searching for story, dissecting, criticising, categorising, judging and boxing them all up into distorted ideas and limiting perceptions that navigate how she sees herself, others and the world we all live in.

Under My Eye
Brisbane Powerhouse
28 November – 1 December, 2019