Two Man Tarantino is making is Australian debut at Brisbane Powerhouse!

What’s yours? Is it Jackie Brown?  Or the one named the Greatest Independent Film of all Time by Empire in Reservoir Dogs? What about Pulp Fiction, cited as the defining film of the modern Hollywood? Or the Kill Bills? Or Inglourious Basterds? Django Unchained? Regardless of which Quentin Tarantino movie you love, the new stage blockbuster Two Man Tarantino will celebrate the ‘epicness’ of it, and in spades!

Written by the co-creator of the international comedy sensation The Naked Magicians, Brisbane’s own Christopher Wayne, the national premiere season of Two Man Tarantino in Brisbane promises to be an hilarious and nostalgic theatrical experience for anyone who ever stepped inside a video store. And for anyone who loves a good Quentin Tarantino epic!

So, what’s it all about??
Two people. One video store. Every cult classic.
Set in a video store on the last night of video stores, one staff member and one customer have a crazy idea: in one hilarious hour, re-create the entire Quentin Tarantino filmography in the most creative ways – from Reservoir Dogs to The Hateful Eight, and everything in between.
Every item is a prop, every audience member is a cast member, and every film is covered!

Two Man Tarantino makes its national debut at the Brisbane Powerhouse from November 29 to December 2 as part of the Wonderland Festival, and Wayne promises one hell of a ride! “The show recreates every Quentin Tarantino film in 60 minutes, it’s set in a video store on the final day for video stores and stars an ALL Brisbane cast and creative team including Emily Kristopher as “The Customer”, Stephen Hirst as “The Employee” and we are thrilled to have one of the best stage-storytellers in country in Maureen Bowra directing,” said Wayne.



Wayne said Tarantino was a modern genius. “Once described as a video store punk with an overly voracious appetite for pop culture, he is now acknowledged as one of the most exciting film makers in the world, with an incredible wit and mastery over the black noir genre, character development and storytelling, backed by killer soundtracks and serious twists. He creates gobsmacking content, and that’s why Two Man Tarantino was created – to pay homage to the master – while also lamenting the day that video stores died.”

“The show is also my love letter to the relationship that we all had with video stores.  Trying to pick the right movie, the snacks, ringing up ahead to find out if the movie you want was there… all of those memories are special, and this show brings that experience back to life.”

Of the two-person cast Wayne said it may be the last time Brisbane audiences had to see them live and on stage before they launched into the stage stratosphere with their careers.  “Emily is a comedy actress from Brisbane, who won the RAW stand-up comedy contest in 2016 at her very first time doing stand-up comedy! Stephen is an exceptionally talented Brisbane based actor who starred alongside John English in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

“I decided to launch this show at the Brisbane Powerhouse because it was this venue that supported The Naked Magicians when we originally had that spark of an idea. The Naked Magicians has since played in 300 cities around the world, including a run on London’s West End – something we are incredibly proud of. My success as a performer and producer came from The Naked Magicians – and that all began at the Brisbane Powerhouse.  I’m so thankful to be able to come back to where it all began and launch a new show with some of Brisbane’s best talent.”

Two Man Tarantino
November 29 to December 2
Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse
Part of the 2018 Wonderland Festival