The Paratrooper Project at JWCOCA

The Paratrooper Project thrusts our historical conflicts into the firing line alongside current political regimes to examine who we are and what we will become.

Originally inspired by mementos left by WWII Paratrooper Richard Matthaei, the grandfather of Phluxus2 co-founder Nerida Matthaei, this Brisbane-based dance collective has created an entangled world where stories of wars, historical imaginings and harsh realities become knotted, interwoven and laid bare. The Paratrooper Project sees Phluxus2 examine military, political and personal histories and their impact on our everyday. They interrogate how these histories have imprinted our present and explore the stains they will leave on our tomorrow.

The Paratrooper Project is a unique experience, told through dance theatre installation. The audience is invite into an immersive space that falls and shifts as the artists manipulate the fabric of time.

Enter the trenches of our past and present conflicts. Survey our heritage. Contest our imagined memories. Explore how the past has divided our present generations. Question what this might mean for our future.

… will this residue harden into a layer protecting us against a battle yet to come, or will it peel and crumble to dust, allowing us to step forward into a better tomorrow?

Phluxus2 Dance Collective (creator of last year’s de-generator) is an award winning and ‘boundary bashing’ dance company founded in 2006. Their work explores complex movement vocabularies that turn traditions of performance on its head. The company consists of a diverse range of established Brisbane dance professionals and contemporary performers.

The Paratrooper Project
Saturday 27 June to Saturday 4 July 2015, 7:30pm
Performance Space – JWCOCA