The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek at La Boîte

McDonagh meets Tarantino in a biting new comedy about leading the charge for change.

Working out of a small shack in the isolated wilds of south-western Tasmania, George, an environmental scientist, is trying to save the world one Tassie Devil at a time. Since she was a small girl she has dreamt of halting the advance of climate change, but saving a species in the middle of nowhere will have to do, for now…

Sharing the cramped shack with George is Harris, a ranger with an annoying chicken nugget obsession, who has been charged with bringing a feral dog plague under control to help protect George’s work with the Devils. Across one night, when two unexpected visitors trigger a series of events, George is going to discover that ideology can only take you so far when sometimes the problem just needs a damned good beating.



A co-production between La Boite and Playlab, The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek is a dark comedy by Brisbane’s Kathryn Marquet (Pale Blue Dot).

“How on earth do we create change? And how do we bring others with us? Mass death is no laughing matter, but when things get dark I’d rather laugh than cry, and so I wrote The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek. I’m thrilled that Playlab is partnering with La Boite to bring this black comedy to life.” – Kathryn Marquet, Playwright

The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek
10 February – 03 March 2018
La Boîte, Brisbane