One the Bear at La Boîte

One the Bear is the latest from the international award-winning team Black Honey Company.

Two best-bear friends raising a ruckus against the dystopian rule of hunters, spit rhymes and fuse feminist hip hop, afropunk and global music to tell their tale. One and Ursula demand more for their tribe as they explore identity, friendship, exploitation and appropriation in a celebrity-obsessed world. It’s basically a documentary.

“One the Bear is a stunning gathering of artistic talents and a timely allegorical warning about cultural commodification…” Realtime

Set in a garbage tip, this is the story of a young female bear that wants more for her tribe. Garbage sparkles and catches on beams from broken streetlights as One and her best friend Ursula get up to mischief and mourn the dank life they lead. The two spit rhymes on living under Human Hunter law and dream of the days when bears were free; eating fresh fish rather than packaged fish fingers. But what happens when One is given the opportunity to speak for her community? What happens when fame knocks at the door?



Written wholly in rhyme and created by an extraordinary cross disciplinary team: a stunning dystopic world guaranteed to burst your senses and expand your mind.

One the Bear
La Boîte – Brisbane
10 – 21 October 2017