Lorelei is coming to Brisbane this month!

You’re on a boat sailing down Germany’s Rhine River towards a particularly tricky bend.

There’s no turning back as jagged rocks and merciless cliffs come into view… and yet, above the sound of torrid water and scrambling men, a song so pure calls through the fog. Legend has it that three sirens – the Lorelei – sit atop the cliffs enchanting sailors with their deadly songs.



The Lorelei take no prisoners as the sailors lose focus… and ultimately their lives on the rocks below. But you’ve caught the Lorelei on an odd day. Because today they’re wondering if they’re sick of singing sailors to their deaths. Do they all really deserve to die? Can the Lorelei help being so irresistible?

Ali McGregor, Dimity Shepherd and Antoinette Halloran await you for a seductive encounter where myth meets modern woman.

27 March – 4 April 2020
Conservatorium Theatre, South Bank, Brisbane