Kill Climate Deniers by David Finnigan is coming to Metro Arts

Join the call to arms if you dare, as a militant cell of eco-activists takes the audience hostage during a concert at Parliament House. The demand is simple: Australia is to immediately cease all carbon emissions and coal exports or they’ll start executing their 1,700 hostages.

But they’re not the only ones to take the title literally. Between scenes of bloody action and banging 90’s tunes, writer David Finnigan discusses the outrage the play’s title provoked from Andrew Bolt and his cabal of conservative bloggers. The original production was shut down in the ensuing shitstorm, leading Finnigan to eventually fold the scandal into the play.



Kill Climate Deniers is a controversial take on the climate change ‘debate’, in Australia. It’s a play written within a play, an action film inside a documentary, a satire inside a rave, and now it’s set to explode here in the Sunshine State.

Kill Climate Deniers
15 – 25 May 2019
Metro Arts, Brisbane