Bitch on Heat is coming to the Brisbane Festival

Love latex and hate the patriarchy? Pour a drink, ditch the leash, and come revel in this twisted rehashing of the vintage sexism that drives how we live and love and fight and fuck.

Absurdist lip-synch meets high-camp performance art in this pop-fuelled critique of sexual politics in the age of implied consent. Nothing is sacred as psycho-siren Leah Shelton, directed by UK provocateur Ursula Martinez, trawls through a Pandora’s box of ancient myths, porn, pop-culture, instructional records and revenge movie heroines.

Welcome to the doghouse. Beware. This Bitch bites.


“★★★★★ – Smart and hilarious, Bitch On Heat doesn’t waste a single moment.”

“Performance art at its best. Every moment is executed with the intention of provoking emotion in the audience – from bemusement to anger to a righteous rage that stays with you.”

Bitch on Heat
17-21 September 2019
Theatre Republic – The Loft, Brisbane