Arj Barker – Get in My Head at the Brisbane Powerhouse

Arj Barker is arguably Australia’s favourite American comedian and he returns to Brisbane with his new show Get in My Head.

What are you waiting for? Hop on in, and let’s ride. There’s plenty of room in here. Join me and together we’ll contemplate everything from the social evolution of humanity, to the intriguing and elusive nature of non-sexually derived boners. I’ll even mention fondue at some point, and that’s a promise. So take a load off your mind, and get into mine already! Get in My Head!!

In recent years Arj Barker has spent more time in our country than his own and has come to understand our culture perhaps better than we understand it ourselves. His stand-up is both insightful and pointed, like a mind-reading thumb tack, if there was one of those.

Arj Barker – Get in My Head
Tuesday 29 September – Sunday 18 October 2015
Brisbane Powerhouse