Aftermath is coming to the Brisbane Powerhouse this February!

Do you remember yet?

A rousing aural, visual and sensory trip, Australasian Dance Collective and The Kite String Tangle’s Danny Harley hurtle us through a cascade of events towards a high-octane climax in Aftermath.

Set to a searing new score by the acclaimed producer, vocalist and songwriter behind The Kite String Tangle, Aftermath opens into a haunting world of disquiet, both familiar and unfamiliar. Through a landscape of fragmented memories and imperfect recollection, we slowly piece together the events that have transpired, accelerating towards total recall.



Have you forgotten yet?

Visceral physicality and a stirring soundscape collide in a bold new full-length work co-created by Amy Hollingsworth and Jack Lister, as the formidable ADC artists are joined live on stage at Brisbane Powerhouse by Harley performing his original composition.

Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane
12 – 14 February 2021