Your Highness Movie Review

Trying to make the stoner Citizen Kane will never be easy. It could be that the audience’s mental perception is so tweaked that they fail to remember much of the film afterwards or that they spent most of the film’s running time making strafing runs on the candy bar satisfying the munchies. Either way the members of the audience that films like this are made for might not be the best at spreading the word. Into that breach comes the lowly sober film critic.

Your Highness is the kind of ride where they throw so many jokes at you that a few are bound to strike the bullseye and when they do, laughter can be found. It also has one of the highest percentages of groan worthy moments of any film in recent memory. It’s like the writers got really herbalized, wrote a scrip that threw every stupid joke they could think of in that altered state, passed out and then later forgot to go back and edit their altered musings.

Setting the film in a fantasy world of a mythical kingdom with kings, princes, princesses and royal rivalries has really helped to ramp up the silliness. And if that was not enough, throw in some computer generated dragons and the stray vixen or two and you are really on to something.

Nestled into the oh so comfy land of bigger than life adventures and supplemented by mountains of sugary and salty snacks and the anonymous nature of a darkened room, Your Highness has the potential to become one of those real guilty pleasures. Just make sure to consider the legality of your viewing preparations and the required transportation methods afterwards.

Rob Hudson