War Dogs Movie Review

Writer and director Todd Phillips leaves behind his cringe comedy proclivities for a more serious subject matter with mixed results. In his new work, War Dogs, he examines the weapons of war industry through the most unlikely of eyes.

When casting this story, one that is based on true events, the filmmakers followed the tradition of the funny man and straight guy. No guesses needed to know whom Jonah Hill and Miles Teller end up playing. Hill in particular, returns to a role we’ve seen numerous times before and the unfortunate result is the film ends up playing out like a poor man’s version of The Wolf Of Wall Street.

There are moments of true humour and more than a few situations that are extremely scary but the story sits uncomfortably between those two worlds. Teller is effective and seems to be more and more comfortable trying to carry a film. Cast support is also efficient.

Reading up on the real characters that make up this true-life story, one is left with the feeling that the actual circumstances were not quite as humours as the ones that exist in the film. It seems it might have made a more effective film if it was based more in fact or outright farce.

Rob Hudson