Walking Out Movie Review

David (Josh Wiggins) is a young man whose world is about to be turned inside out. He reconnects with a distant father (Matt Bomer) to carry on a family tradition of the rite of passage by going out in the wild and hunting and killing his first big game.

As a study of this rite of passage, Walking Out is an arduous journey with a huge contrast between the stunning beauty of the winter landscape and the stark human condition after an accident occurs that rips both of their lives apart forever.



The winter scenery of Montana plays a pivotal role in the proceedings and shows mother nature to be a very cruel taskmaster. The film tells the tale of both father and son and via flashbacks, father and grandfather. The two stories are given a visual difference by being set at different times of the year.

The film is not an easy watch and there are no fairy tale endings. It is a stark reminder that as much as we think we control our destinies, we are always as the mercy of what nature has to offer.

Rob Hudson