Two Man Tarantino Theatre Review

Condensing all of Quentin Tarantino’s films into a one hour play is a work of genius, a QT type of genius. One that steals from the perfect source and makes people feel good about being total film geeks.

One man (Stephen Hirst) and one woman (Emily Kristopher) meet at the Red Apple Video store during its dying day. He behind the counter and soon to be out of work and her dropping off those overdue discs and still in the throes of a bad break up. Together they engage in a titanic riff off, quoting their favourite QT moments from Reservoir Dogs all the way to The Hateful Eight.



The battle include everyday items used as props and more than a little physicality as the two get fully involved and leave reason far behind. They are both working things out in the best possible way, through cranberry juice bloodshed and profanity laden statements.

It’s incredible fun to follow the dialogue as they try harder and harder to outdo each other, and more than rewarding, when the film geek in you realises the errors (no matter how small) in the script. This is one for fans of film and theatre.
Rob Hudson

Two Man Tarantino
November 29 to December 2
Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse
Part of the 2018 Wonderland Festival