Truth Or Dare Movie Review

There is a certain perverse pleasure in watching a bad horror film. Characters enter the fray that you don’t like, no problem, that are soon dispensed with in a most grisly way. It becomes fun to pick the order of the victims. Loud mouth smart ass, always the first to go. Spunky teenage girl, well, you’re going to have to hang out with her until the bitter end.

Most of the actors on board have connections to well know TV shows and they often remind you of someone else, look there is a poor man’s version of Kate Hudson or a Kardashian, that type of thing. This has the knock on effect of making it a lot more fun when the meet their maker, and no I don’t mean today’s version of Aaron Spelling.



Fans of the shows Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, The Flash and Degrassi: The Next Generation will have fun seeing their fav characters meet a bloody but wholly necessary end. It is however to the film’s credit that these gruesome deaths are more implied than shown, so you can fill in the blanks with your own worrisome details.

The horror genre is a very difficult one to add anything fresh to so the folks behind Truth or Dare don’t even attempt to, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Count this as a guilty pleasure and not much more than that and the film will live up to intended purpose.

Rob Hudson