Tohpati Ethnomission – Save The Planet Album Review

With all that is going on with musical commerce at the moment, is there still a place for music played just for the sheer joy of creativity? Most definitely, especially when it’s something as expansive and engaging as Save The Planet. Indonesian guitarist Tohpati and his band Ethnomission give flight to fancy and the result is never short of revelatory.

With a deep understanding of both his local musical roots as well as the global pool of exploration and utilizing a collection of exotic instrumentation, the 11 songs here constantly surprise and captivate the listener. Calling it jazz-rock-fusion severely understates the synthesis of styles here.

The guitar is often the lead instrument and its effect on the overall sound is great but it’s the percussive elements underpinning the songs that give the tracks so much impact. With the right amount of amplification, it’s a whole new world. Once raised above their natural volume level, even acoustic instruments become electric ones and that effect is fantastic.

Sometimes a certain type of music cries out to be heard and loudly and Save The Planet provides just such a moment. Save The Planet yes but save the ears, well that’s another story entirely.

Rob Hudson