The Wrong Object – After The Exhibition Album Review

You have your marching orders son. Go forth and listen to the new Wrong Object album, After The Exhibition.

Your senses will be assaulted and your musical boundaries will be challenged by an onslaught of almost overwhelming proportions. But it will be good and you will come out the other side a better man.

The sonic spectrum will be filled by devices that make sounds, bold sounds. Musical notes from vibrating steel and fibrous material. Notes from zeroes and ones and tangible forces being applied to all manner of receptive surfaces. It will redefine the term elasticity and the physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of an electric charge. It will also groove.

The groove just mentioned with keep you rapt with counts not always divisible by even numbers and detours to unexpected realms of both wild and wilful origin. Through all this there will be a logic that will emerge and then settle in a previously unknown region of your mind.

When all this is done and the change has been absorbed by both direct report and osmosis there will be the opportunity to live what you have learned. The next time you pick up that plank that you are so enamoured with, the one that you spend days with to the exclusion of all else, it will speak to you in a new voice.