The Truffle Hunters Movie Review

Shining a light on a seldom-seen endeavour, The Truffle Hunters exposes a business where passion and tradition meet commerce and old-world values rule the day. The cast is comprised of some very senior gentlemen who have plied their trade for many decades.

To them it is more than an occupation, it is a calling and their partners in this way of life are of the four-legged variety. These friendships seem to endure far more regularly than the ones with fellow humans. They are completely content with their dogs, nature, and the hunt.



There is humour in much of what they do and a hard-headedness that drives them to solitary pursuits. There are also moments that draw parallels between seller and buyer that mimic drug deals and the level of addiction is similar. They both seem to enjoy the fix with finding, consuming, and selling the tasty fungi.

Like all good documentaries, The Truffle Hunters lets you live in an unfamiliar world, if only for 84 minutes. With the advancing age of all the players, one is left with the notion that truffle hunting and its participants might become a dying breed. So if you ever desired to acquire the taste of the rare white truffle, now is the time.

Rob Hudson