The Post Movie Review

From its high powered cast (director Steven Spielberg has a rolodex that runs deep) to its high powered story, The Post is a film from its time for our time. The relevance it shares with events of today is strong and the film’s dramatic structure plays out like a great conspiracy theory drama. This time it’s the US government telling the big lie.

Tom Hanks has never been better and his visually advancing age and gruff vocal delivery helps one to see him as less of a nice guy and more as a down and dirty fighter. There are great performances everywhere, though. Even the sadly under-utilised Sarah Paulson has a short but very impactful monologue that gives the film even more purpose to the slowly awakening world of women’s rightful place in society. It also highlights Spielberg’s not so hidden agenda.



If Hollywood has truly turned the corner on its solid past, then films like this with an overt message might become the norm. If the future holds drama of this caliber, then bring it on, because a message is always more impactful when it’s delivered with this level of commitment and craft.

Look at The Post as drama of the highest order first and message cinema second. And it’s not really giving anything away but Spielberg being Spielberg can’t help himself with a coda that reinforces his message at film’s end but this time out it’s a fantastic one.