The LEGO Batman Movie Review

Like most of the new generation of ‘kid friendly’ films, The LEGO Batman Movie gets the mix just right for the enjoyment of film goers of all ages. There are the surface jokes and incredibly detailed set designs that will keep the young ones enthralled but the underlying riffs of a more adult sense of humour provide something for the parents as well.

Following his success in the original Lego Movie, voice actor Will Arnett reprises his role of Batman / Bruce Wayne as he’s an excellent choice. His voice has just the right amount of wit and snark and he plays it all to the hilt. Without getting all the Batman fanboys and girl’s knickers in a bunch, the whole billionaire crime fighting playboy with a dark side gets the send up it so richly deserves and what better way to do that than with a world built on plastic pieces.



The animation this time out is a bit more conventional than the Lego Movie. Things like running water now look more CGI than before. In past the effect looked more stop motion animation and was represented by cascades of blue coloured plastic pieces, now it looks like it was created by a keyboard. It’s a change that takes away a bit of the original’s charm but was probably done as a cost cutting measure.

The kid friendly storyline this time focuses on the value of family and having people to share things with both good and bad. This gives the experience an accessible young person element that will sit well with the olds. For the rest of us, there is still much to admire amidst a world where the jokes come flying at you and hit more often than miss.

Rob Hudson